Rwanda TUK

Rwanda TUK

Ever since it burst onto the global specialty coffee scene in the mid-2000s, Rwanda has continued to wow buyers with the complexity and uniqueness of its coffees. The vast majority are produced in the Northern, Southern, and Western provinces of the country, however in late 2017 we were introduced to a gem in the Kayonza District of Eastern Province.

The Twongere Umusaruro wa Kawa (TUK) cooperative, which means "Increase Production of Coffee" in the Kinyarwanda language, has come a long way since its founding, first with the construction of its own washing station and later of a cupping lab. TUK also has become a beacon of gender equity, as almost all of the members – including the president – are women. 

This year’s offering bursts with nectarine, cranberry, and citrus notes and features a medium body and elegant acidity - all of which are testaments to TUK's commitment to quality. 


nectarine. cranberry, and citrus notes

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