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Papua New Guinea Baroida
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Papua New Guinea Baroida

Baroida Estate was established in 1963 by native New Zealander Ben Colbran as part of a governmental program to promote coffee farming. The farm – now owned and managed by Ben’s son, Nichol – takes its name from the Baroida spirit, which locals believe resides in a large rock lying in a river that flows through the property. Coffee cherries grown on the 220-hectare plantation are processed on site, dry-fermented for approximately 36 hours, and sun-dried.

Papua New Guinea is a challenging origin due to its sheer remoteness and complicated infrastructure, but continues to produce amazing coffees that deserve to be highlighted. We especially love the peach, raspberry, and maraschino cherry notes in this selection as well as its elegant acidity and silky body. Enjoy!

Available in 12oz bags, whole bean only


peach, raspberry, and maraschino cherry notes

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