Misewell Mug - Colectivo Artist Series

Introducing our NEW Misewell mug, created exclusively for Colectivo! This sleek 8oz. mug fits perfectly in your hand for that first cup of coffee in the morning. Lots of love and care is put into each mug.

About Misewell: Misewell has a passion for designing well-made objects that are not only beautiful and functional, but ethically and sustainably produced. Established by brothers Vincent & Paul Georgeson, everything is hand-crafted locally in Milwaukee.

More about the process: After months of designing and prototyping, a plaster mold was created using a combination of handmade parts and 3D printed parts. The plaster molds have a cavity to pour liquid clay into, then after about an hour, the plaster absorbs water from the liquid clay, creating a leather hard clay shell where the clay touches the mold walls. The remaining liquid clay is dumped out and the clay shell is removed from the mold.

This shell is cleaned up with a variety of tools and begins to represent the final shape. Once completely dry, this part is ready for a 16 hour kiln firing. After it cools down, they dip it into glaze, and put it back into the kiln where it fires for 24 hours, reaching over 2,200°F. Finally, they remove the mug, sand the base, and it’s ready to go.

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