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Indonesia Flores Wawo Muda
Featured Farm Series

Indonesia Flores Wawo Muda

$14.50 Coming Soon

The relatively small island of Flores on the southern edge of the Indonesian archipelago is an exciting newcomer to the specialty coffee market! This micro-lot comes to us from two producers – Albertus Gua and Bernardus Bere – whose farms lie on the slopes of Wawo Muda, an active volcano on Flores that erupted as recently as 2001. Most of the coffee grown in this hilly region ends up being wet-hulled, but Pak (“Mr.”) Albert and Om (“Uncle”) Bernardus hand-wash their parchment before drying it on raised beds for up to one week. Their attention to quality control has resulted in a cup profile not commonly found in coffees from Indonesia: juicy with notes of lemon/lime and dried apricot with a silky body. Enjoy!

This limited edition coffee is available in 12oz bags, Whole Bean only.

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