Guatemala FTO Juana Escobar Gaspar
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Guatemala FTO Juana Escobar Gaspar

The Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in western Guatemala – the highest mountain range in Central America – is home to thousands of small-scale coffee farmers who belong to the Popti, Mam, and Q’anjob’al branches of the Mayan family. Formed in late 1990s, the Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepción Huista (CODECH) comprises eight base cooperatives and associations including Asociación de Desarrollo Integral Productivo Yamanonh (ADIPY). Juana Escobar Gaspár, a member of ADIPY, grows coffee on a small plot of 1.55 hectares at an altitude of 1,635 meters that allows for the slow development of the intense, fruity flavors that are the hallmark of coffees from the Huehuetenango region. This coffee features juicy notes of blackberry, tangerine peel, and dark chocolate with a nice acidity. Enjoy!

Available in 12oz bags, whole bean only 


blackberry, tangerine peel, and dark chocolate

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