Old Flames Throwback Sampler

Our Limited Re-Release "Old Flames" coffee series brings back some of our vintage favorites from years ago. We've recreated these roasts and flavor profiles to allow our longtime customers the chance to rekindle an old flame...or just taste a little bit of roasting history! Includes a half-pound each of these throwback favorites:

Delta Mud: As the name suggests, this blend of regular and dark-roasted Guatemala yields an extremely rich yet balanced cup of coffee with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, dried cranberries & cherries and a syrupy body. It’s not for the timid or faint of heart, but the rewards for those brave souls who indulge in this brew are as great as the Mississippi is wide.

Punch in the Face: This is a knockdown, street brawl kind of coffee. Dark-roasted Guatemala and our very special Espresso Toro come to blows after each gulp for a blend that’s nothing less than a punch in the face.

Burly Blend: Attention fans of strong, dark brews: Burly is back! This blend was created in the mid-2000s in the depths of our old roastery on Prospect Ave. and developed somewhat of a cult following over the years. Burly Blend is rich and complex with a medium-roasted coffee from Brazil as its base and a few sprinkles of "secret" dark-roast to add a robust dimension. With a full body and smoky-yet-sweet flavor, this brew will challenge your taste buds - or possibly just satisfy them.


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