Timor-Leste Lulirema Natural

Timor-Leste Lulirema Natural

Marking the 20th anniversary this month of its independence from Indonesia, the tiny Southeast Asian country of Timor-Leste (also known as East Timor) continues to make strides in improving the quality of its coffees.

This micro-lot comes from the Lulirema washing station, built last year in the Ermera municipality by Rogério Brites (that's his face on the bag). Timor-Leste has historically produced washed and wet-hulled coffees, however Rogério’s experiments with processing methods have resulted in exciting cup profiles. In the natural process, ripe coffee cherries are dried without first being depulped, which leads to a more fruit-forward flavor. 

The Lulirema Natural features complex but balanced notes of tart cherry, dark chocolate, and cardamom with a pleasant juiciness. Enjoy!

This limited edition coffee is available in whole bean 12oz bags only.

Check out Rogério's other process: Timor-Leste Lulirema Honey


notes of tart cherry, dark chocolate, and cardamom

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