Java Frinsa Collective

Java Frinsa Collective

Coffee cultivation on the Indonesian island of Java dates back to the late 1600s, when the Dutch East Indies Company first planted arabica seedlings and exported the product back to Europe. It gained popularity so quickly that the word “Java” became synonymous with coffee.

This wet-hulled selection comes from the Frinsa Collective, a group of small-scale producers in the Tilu Mountains south of the city of Bandung in West Java Province. The coffee is processed at Frinsa Estate, owned by Wildan Mustofa, who has earned a reputation for his focus on quality and willingness to experiment with different processing methods.

We love this lot for its complex flavors of cranberry, lime zest, ginger, and sweet tobacco with a nice body. Enjoy!

Available for a limited time only!


flavors of cranberry, sweet tobacco, lime zest, ginger and dark plum

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