India Pearl Mountains Natural

India Pearl Mountains Natural

According to legend, in the 16th century a Sufi monk named Baba Budan smuggled seven coffee seeds out of the Port of Mocha (in present-day Yemen) by hiding them in his beard. He planted them in the Western Ghats range in what is now the southern Indian state of Karnataka, and those seeds gave birth to the subcontinent’s coffee industry.

Although arabica now makes up only a quarter of India’s output, the Western Ghats of Karnataka are home to farms like Ratnagiri Estate that are dedicated to producing specialty-grade coffee. Ratnagiri, meaning "Pearl Mountains," spreads out over 290 acres and has been owned by the Patre Family since 1927.

In celebration of India’s recent 75th anniversary of independence, we’re thrilled to offer this natural (dry-processed) offering from Ashok Patre, Ratnagiri’s third-generation owner. Intercropped with high-quality pepper, this coffee features notes of brandied cherries, dried tangerine peel, rum raisin ice cream, and dark chocolate. Enjoy!

This limited edition coffee is available in whole bean 12oz bags only.

WATCH: Joe P. tries India Pearl Mountains Natural


flavor notes of brandied cherries, dried tangerine peel, rum raisin ice cream, and dark chocolate

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