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From some of our darkest roasts to long-time customer favorites, our top sellers are sure to please and a perfect place to start exploring the world of Colectivo's coffee offerings.
Blue Heeler Organic Certified
Signature Blend
Medium Roast $16.95
floral, earthy aroma with a full body and a spicy, smoky flavor Learn More >>
Black and Tan Organic Certified
Rich Sweet Blend
Dark Roast $15.95
blend of rich, full-bodied dark roast and sweet, juicy light-roasted coffee Learn More >>
Velo Organic Certified
French Roast
Dark Roast $15.95
smoky, full-bodied blend with flavors of dark chocolate and licorice Learn More >>
Co-Optiva Organic Certified
Farm Blend
Medium Roast $15.95
flavors reminiscent of nectarine and caramel Learn More >>
Dark Roast $16.95
flavors of molasses, licorice and chocolate Learn More >>
Medium Roast $15.95
notes of chocolate, roasted nuts, and dried fruit Learn More >>
Del Sol
Light Breakfast Blend
Light Roast $16.95
sweet, pronounced acidity with a full, smooth body Learn More >>
Sentinel Blend
Medium Roast $15.95
full-bodied, flavors of spice and roasted nuts with classic tobacco notes Learn More >>
Medium Roast $16.95
flavors of dried fruit, clove, black tea, and sweet herbs Learn More >>
Light Roast $16.95
flavors of milk chocolate, citrus, and tropical fruits Learn More >>

Colectivo @ Origin

Starting in 1993, we began sourcing coffee from origin. Through developing long-term farmer and co-op partnerships, we can be involved in every step of creating a great coffee experience. By nature, sourcing and roasting delicious coffee can seem like a moving target, and over the last 20 years we have embraced a culture of continual improvement to bolster our efforts. We now offer a wide range of wonderful coffees. From our “Featured Farm Series” of extremely limited, special lots to our carefully managed Single Origin and legacy blends, there is something for every palate. And if we've learned one thing along the way, it's that there is always more work to be done.

Roasted In Riverwest

Every single bean we source is roasted, blended, packaged, and shipped fresh from our roastery in the Riverwest neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All of our coffee is roasted by hand on two very-old-but-very-awesome, manually operated Probat roasters, and all of our blending is done after roasting.

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